Visalia Day Program Volunteers at the Animal Shelter

Visalia Day Program has a new volunteer program! Several participants at our the program asked for an opportunity to volunteer with animals. Program Manager Ashley Newlin worked with setting up connections so our clients had the opportunity to do what they really wanted. Each week, clients get the opportunity to go to Tulare Animal Shelter on Tuesdays and Fridays.

They get to enhance their daily skills in an environment where they get to connect with cute animals. Our staff supports individuals while they do laundry for the shelter, so the cats and dogs can have fresh blankets that they can bring to their new home. They also have mastered using the shelter’s dishwasher, where they get to wash the bowls so the animals get to have clean bowls for their dinner!

The volunteer program is a mix between work and play. Our individuals also get the opportunity to do self care with the animals. Since being a fuzzy friend in an animal shelter can be challenging, they get to hang out with our clients and do some pretty fun activities! Every week some lucky dogs get to go on walks and play around while some fortunate cats get to cuddle up and play.

We’re excited for the opportunity to work with the Tulare Animal Shelter and give our clients experiences that allow them to grow in different ways!

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