Bobbie Scott

Bobbie Scott is an experienced leader with over two decades of experience supporting individuals with developmental disabilities. Bobbie has served in leadership roles as a vendor within various Regional Centers. Currently serving as the Regional Director of Crisis Services, Bobbie’s journey began with a strong commitment to empowering individuals with developmental disabilities.

Throughout her career, Bobbie has been dedicated to serving in leadership positions across a spectrum of services, from day programs to group homes. Bobbie’s dedication to the field has positively impacted the lives of those she serves. In 2019, she embarked on a new chapter with CBEM, initially as the Program Director for CBEM’s Stockton location; and then moved into the role of Regional Director, where she continues to champion and elevate the quality of services provided to individuals with developmental disabilities.

In addition to developmental disabilities services, Bobbie has also spearheaded a housing first program designed to address the unique needs of chronically homeless individuals living with HIV & Aids in Long Beach, California.

Bobbie holds a graduate degree in Marriage & Family Therapy, as well as a graduate degree in Psychology with a focus on Industrial/Organizational psychology. Bobbie is also working towards completing a doctorate degree in Clinical Psychology.
In her spare time, Bobbie enjoys channeling her passion into home renovation projects, trying her hand at gardening, and raising her three children.

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